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CMap Monitoring software provides continuous monitoring and evaluation of centrifugal compressor performances.
Predicts compressor performances using Cmap calculation capabilities

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What is Cmap Monitoring ?

The basic concept in CMap-Monitoring is comparing machinery performance during real operations (actual eexpected performance), to some machine
reference performance in an optimal health status, for example test performance or other type of reference/design data.
CMap-Monitoring stores in the computer memory the reference performance.
These design / reference data are used as input to create the machine model for an accurate prediction of performance.
CMap-Monitoring is then able to continuosly compare actual performance, obta ined from measurements of operative parameters,
The calculation method is ASME PTOD compliant .
CMap Monltoring” retreives data from customer Database (usually at DCS level), and runs automa ted calculations for performance prediction in operative conditions.
Calculated expected performance are t han compared to data readings from fie ld.
Cmap-Monitoring include these 3 main phases:
  • Connection to Customer database for operative parameter readings MoreCMap-Monitoring graphical interface allows to retrieve all necessary field parameters and set up a connection with the source database in a very quick and intuitive way. Compressor configuration is provided trough a link to the CMap machine database where reference performance are stored. Once connections are saved, the software is ready to autonomously provide continuous performance evaluation.
  • Performance Monitoring¬†MoreConfiguration parameters are the compressor map in reference conditions ( i.e. inlet pressure, inlet temperature and gas mix composition), the selected EOS for gas properties calculation.Measured parameters (actual) used as inputs are inlet and discharge parameters (pressures, temperatures and flow), running speed and gas mix composition.As output the software will provide expected performance (pressures, temperatures, Head, efficiency etc), XY graphs of compressor performance curve at the actual speed and inlet conditions, time trends for all performance parameters, time trends for all the perfromance deviations.
  • Performance Deviations¬†MoreCMap-Monitoring allows to obtain usefull diagnostic indications on the health of the compressor in a simple and immediate way. This capability may result useful in supporting decisions and planning of maintenance and activities.