ARMD –  The Most Complete Way to Analyze Rotating Machinery

ARMD (Advanced Rotating Machinery DynamicsTM) is the most advanced and complete rotor/bearing analysis software for evaluating practically any bearing, rotor/bearing system, or mechanical drive train. Developed by RBTS, ARMD is the only software that integrates all of these powerful analytical tools into a single package in the Windows 7 & 8 environment.

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These modules are used daily by rotating machinery manufacturers and end-users for design, performance prediction, failure analysis, and troubleshooting. Applications for ARMD include rotating machinery such as a miniature air turbine for a dental drill, a large turbine generator set for a power plant, a small compressor for an air conditioner, a pump for an artificial heart, a fuel pump for a jet engine, an electric motor and spindle for a miniature computer hard disk, a canned pump for a petrochemical processing plant, synchronous motor driven drive-trains, and more.

ARMD for Windows incorporates advanced technical and user interface features with built-in help utilities in each of its modules to simplify modeling, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of results. Tutorial and step-by-step sample sessions with advanced graphical presentation are among the many features implemented in the software.

Background information about RBTS:   Established in 1986, Rotor Bearing Technology and Software, Inc. (RBTS) provides project engineering services worldwide for fluid-film bearing design and optimization, rotor dynamic evaluation, and torsional analysis to generate solutions for bearing failures, machine instability, and couplings selection.  RBTS engineers develop and use the Advanced Rotating Machinery DynamicsTM  software that is utilized by machinery engineers at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end user facilities around the globe.

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