SPS: Surge Protection System

SPS is designed to provide a FULL PROTECTION for centrifugal compressors

Centrifugal compressors need control and protection systems to avoid pumping during operation. The pumping can have a destructive behavior and occurs when the operating point of the compressor reaches the limit line pumping (SLL).

The existing protection systems of centrifugal compressors are based on protection algorithms and provide only a simplified and partial protection.

Current algorithms are not able to detect variations of the condition of the intake and protection remains tied to the design conditions, even when these are no longer current. In such situations the action of protection can become inefficient and can damage the compressor.

Many of the current systems offer protection through approximate simplified algorithms based on a few operating parameters (flow and suction pressure, discharge pressure). These systems offer limited protection against pumping.

SPS: Surge Protection System is a new system of protection with advanced ed integrated control for centrifugal compressors. SPS system allows to overcome the current limitations of the protection system and to achieve optimal protection from pumping in any operating condition, even in case of variations in the molecular weight of the gas. The machine protection is guaranteed in the general operating range and under all conditions of input out of the project.

Compressor Control

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