RBTS with is more than 30 years of activity, is a well recognized excellence in the machinery softwares and advanced engineering services.
All the IPC team is very glad to join the partership with RBTS.
RBTS is a market leader in software for dynamic analysis of rotors and advanced engineering services.
Established in 1986 Rotor Bearing Technology and Software, Inc. (RBTS) provides project engineering services worldwide for bearing fluid-film design and optimization, rotor dynamic evaluation, and torsional analysis to generate solutions for bearing failures, machine instability, and couplings selection. RBTS engineers develop and use theĀ  ARMD (Advanced Rotating Machinery DynamicsTM) software that is Utilized by machinery engineers at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and End User facilities around the globe.
IPC is a company specialized in engineering and technology solutions for process industry (chemical, petrochemiccal and power generation).
IPC develops the software CMap for the prediction of centrifugal compressor performance in off-design conditions.
IPC offers also leading edge technical services for machinery and plant devices such as turbomachinery (gas, and steam turbines, comprressors, pumps valves) and relative control, protection and diagnostic systems.

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