IPC Monitoring systems are focused to continuous monitoring and a continuous evaluation of the machine performance based on the comparison to Performance expected as per OEM

This quantitative performance evaluation approach allows to implement predictive maintenance strategies optimizing schedules of interventions for max production and minimum costs.

IPC monitoring systems have been designed to achieve maximum machinery availability, minimum downtimes and optimization of maintenance activities.

New advanced monitoring system embeds sophisticated algorithms for machinery modeling along with hydraulic or thermodynamic calculations based on most recent theories.

IPC monitoring systems are specially suited to monitor pumps and compressor.

Basic concept

IPC rotating machinery control systems are designed to provide a continuous automated surveillance for  process plant

The basic concept implemented into IPC monitoring Systems is to compare machinery performance during real operations (actual performance), to performance developed by the machine in optimal healty status, for example test performance or other type of  refernce/design data (in general expected performance).

IPC monitoring system stores in the computer memory the  OEM/Tested reference performance. These design /reference data are used as input to machine models embedded in the system and allow to obtain a valid prediction of performance expected in the actual operative condition.

Then the monitoring system is able to  compare continuosly actual performance, obtained form measurements of operative parameters, to  the expected performances, as calculated by the system.

Main features

Thermo-Mechanical/Hydraulic Machine Model

Compressor/Pump characterization as per OEM specifications

Compressor/Pump performances predictions also for off design gas mixtures (for quickly time varying gas compositions) of operating fluid porperties modification

Centrifugal Compressor and pumps diagnostic monitoring

Comparison of actual efficiency to expected efficiency in actual condition is a powerful indicator of compressor operative condition and healthy status

Eventual deviation between expected and actual parameters is an indicator of the occurrence of malfunctions.

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